rules and registration

Please read this short set of rules before submitting your registration for 32. Alpine Cup.

Rules of competition for Alpine Cup on Small aviation airshow Lesce.

We are inviting all remote control pilots which are ready to show their models and skill of flying to our spectators with models of aircraft, helicopters and parachutes to Lesce small aviation airshow. If pilot or model are not compliant with UAV rules in Republic of Slovenia, organiser can decline individual aplication.

Competition categories and scoring

After two years of pausing, Lesce Small aviation airshow is back. We are back with changed rules. We are canceling scoring your models and flying by judges. From this year on, you, registered modelers will be judging your coleagues. It will be done with two tokens which you will receive with your welcome kit on arrival. You will vote in two categories:

  • Best model
  • Best flying

And that’s it.

At the end of the meet, winners will be anounced according to number of tokens they collect.

If one flying act requires more then one pilot, every pilot will receive it’s own set of tokens. The same goes for the rest of the welcome kit:

  • Hot meal token for the pilot and observer
  • Cold drink token for the pilot and observer
  • Two bracelets for unlimited pass to the field.

If one flying act requires more then one model, that should be stated in the registration form since the welcome kits will be prepared in advance.

All pilots must be trained and registered according the EU regulation 2019/945 and EU 2019/947 and therefore must provide UAS Operator Registration Number while registering!

Pre-flight briefing is mandatory for all pilots!

Rules of flying on the RC meet:

Models weighing up to 25 kg can be flown at the event.

The flight area is over the Lesce airport runway. On the south side, you can fly to the highway, and on the north side, no more than 50m to the spectator area. This distance will be marked. The height is limited to 300m above the terrain.

Take-offs and landings may be made on the taxiway or on the grass south of the taxiway. The space for spectators will be 30m from the runway for taking off and landing models.

Movement of the model with the engine running is only permitted with the permission of the flight director or launch manager.

Take-off of the model is allowed only with the permission of the flight director.

Only registered performers and organizers can be in the model area. The performers will have red wristbands, while the organizers will have blue wristbands.

The CAA Slovenia permit requires us to check the qualifications of the pilots. In addition to theoretical training and registration, which you prove with certificates, the experience of modelers is important. You can also expect questions from the event manager, start manager or flight manager about your experience with flying and events. If we find that the pilot’s flight is dangerous for spectators and participants, the flight director can prevent the pilot from taking off or interrupt the flight with the command over the loudspeaker: Land immediately! The same applies if the model is found to be too dangerous to fly.

Groups of up to 4 models will be allowed to fly at the same time. If the group is larger, it will have to be split into two performances. Air combat demonstration flights are permitted, actual aerial combat is not permitted.


Registration is possible till one hour before the start of the competition.

Registration forms can be submitted via e-form from PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone (link below-green button). All registered pilots will receive confirmation QR code within 1-2 days which they will show when entering the airfield.

Special entrance and parking will be ready for registered pilots.

All pilots are obliged to sign a declaration in which they declare that he or she:

  • knows the rules
  • is insured
  • is registered and trained as UAV operator
  • allows the organiser to handle his or her personal data.

Declaration can be signed and printed before the event.

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